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Like the one-eyed cyclops in the land of the blind, librarians provide the last best hope for vision in a society awash with information, but ignorant of the symmetry of data.

Librarians and libraries provide learning safe havens where children, parents, and teachers can better come to understand and develop 21st Century Skills.

Libraries are bastions of democracy, providing equal access and freedom of information to those abandoned like driftwood by society's technology tide; librarians are the lifeguards at the tide's edge. Miguel MGuhlin

The purpose of this wiki is two-fold:
  1. to collect resources which illustrate the impact emerging technologies (Web 2.0) can have on the role of the teacher-librarian
  2. to outline a workshop for the Saskatchewan School Library Association's conference, Hooked in...Hooked on...Hooked up...to School Libraries

Donna DesRoches is currently the Computer Resources Consultant for the Living Sky School Division, North Battleford, Saskatchewan. She has been a teacher-librarian for 26 years and spent the last 19.4 years at the North Battleford Comprehensive High School.